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  • During the school year, the minimum lease period is five months. But we encourage you to sign longer contracts – 7, 9 or even 12 months – the longer you book the best price you get.

    A shorter lease is available only during the summer.

  • If you want to terminate your contract when your residential period hasn’t started yet, you can make it in one of the following situations:

    • when you didn’t receive a visa to Poland
    • your application at the university is rejected
    • you decide to study in another city

    We will cancel your contract based on the documents you provide us. In this case the booking fee is not returned but the deposit will be refunded.

    In any other situation or when your residential period has already started (even if you haven’t check in) it is possible to cancel your contract only when you find a replacement for contracted room and time period. The deposit will be returned to you.

    You can find all the details concerning above issues in our “The Booking, Contract, Deposit and Cancellation Regulations”.


  • Complete the enquiry form on our website. Our team will contact you and send you a registration form. Then you send it back to us, along with the confirmation of the Booking Fee payment of 300PLN. This is one-off non-refundable fee that forms the basis to prepare the Accommodation Agreement.

  • When you receive the Accommodation Agreement, you will be asked to pay the Deposit in the amount of one month’s rent including utilities.

  • A full deposit (if there are no unpaid bills or damages to the interior of your room) will be transferred to your bank account within maximum 30 days after your check-out


  • Of course, you can book a viewing visit on our property. Feel free to contact us and inform us when you would like to come, and our team will be waiting for you.

  • You can check in earlier than your agreement states only if you receive an availability confirmation from the SHED administration. Please make sure to contact us before arrival.

  • If you need to arrive outside the reception work hours, please let us know 2 days in advance of the exact day and approximate time of your arrival. Someone will be waiting for you with a key and move-in materials.

  • Mon - Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM


  • Our reception team is always on hand to accept your parcels and sign for items so you never miss a delivery. Please check for your parcels and letters on the post shelf near reception.

  • We love animals, but unfortunately, pets are not allowed to live in the SHED with you.

  • The guests are allowed to visit the room and common spaces only by informing SHED administration in advance. They will be asked to show their IDs and be registered in guest book.

    Guests can stay at the premises until 11:00 P.M. NO parties and big gatherings are allowed.

  • Yes, you can have a guest stay over with the administration’s permission given in advance. There are extra payments when your guest is going to stay longer than 3 nights in the month. The guest must show his/her ID and be registered in the guest book.

  • Our gym is a fully equipped one, so you will find treadmills, free weights, weight training equipment, cardiovascular equipment, yoga mats, a pull-up bar, etc.

  • We don’t allow smoking inside the SHED, but you’re free to smoke outside the premises or in a designated smoking area.

  • SHED has a private parking place with a limited number of spots and it’s available for an additional fee. If you are interested, please contact reception for more information.

  • The safety and comfort of our tenants are without a doubt the #1 priority for us. Thus, the building is surveilled 24/7 and we have an on-site staff & security team that will make you feel protected at all hours of the day.

    All the entrances and most of the common areas are monitored by CCTV cameras 24/7, each common space and a private room can only be entered with a magnetic keycard.

  • Despite the 24/7 CCTV cameras, there is Security Team at the reception desk which is reacting to dangerous situations, such as fire alarms, physical conflicts, and any other situations when necessary.

    Feel free to contact them when there is anything that bothers you.


  • Let’s dissect the bill together.

    Monthly payment includes: water, heating, electricity, waste disposal, Wi-Fi, access to the gym, cleaning of the common spaces, handyman services for SHED‘s equipment failures or other daily issues.

    The amount of utilities you can consume as part of the monthly rent is:
    for a single occupancy/per person: electricity - [150] kWh; cold water – 3 m3; hot water – 3 m3
    for a twin occupancy/per room: - electricity - [185] kWh; cold water – 5 m3; hot water – 5 m3

    In case you consume more utilities than indicated above, we will just inform you about that. When the situation happens again, the cost of utilities consumed above the monthly limit will be added to the rent for the next month.

    Services that you have to pay for additionally: self-service laundry, room cleaning by request, room changing by request, snacks and drinks in vending machines, printing, parking.

  • Monthly payments can be made via bank transfer or by card at the reception desk. Monthly payments must be made by the 5th of each month in advance.

  • You must leave the room in the same condition as it was on the day when you opened the door upon your arrival. If you can clean it on your own – that’s great, but if not – we will charge you with a cleaning service fee of 250PLN.


  • Each room, despite its size, is fully equipped & furnished!

    All rooms have: a private bathroom (with a WC, a shower & a sink), a private kitchenette (with a fridge-freezer, an induction stove, microwave), a set of furniture (a bed with a 90x200 cm in Twin Studios or 120x200 cm in Single Studios mattress, a wardrobe, a studying desk, a chair, etc.).

    For more details on a specific room and how it’s equipped, please read the room description.

  • As long as you can return it to its original state on check-out (meaning no drilling, no paint on the walls or attaching non-removable stickers), you can always add extra furniture or other decorations to your interior.

  • Our handyman is always on hand if something in your room breaks or doesn’t work. Just send us an e-mail, WhatsApp message or give us a call and describe the problem. We will try to fix it ASAP.

  • Please contact reception. If we have any other possible room to offer, we will do our best to find the right room for you, more information in the “The Booking, Contract, Deposit and Cancellation Regulations”.

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The small, simple building in your yard where you keep tools or gardening equipment. Shed means „hut,“ and probably comes from the word shade


Shed is also a verb meaning „to cast off“, like when a snake sheds its skin... You can shed non-physical things, like a bad habit

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