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What are alternative living spaces for students in Vilnius?

Students coming to study in Vilnius are faced with a dilemma – what kind of student housing to choose? Usually, the most popular options are student dormitories and private rentals, but are there any other options? Coliving spaces for students are becoming a modern concept of accommodation, offering flexibility, infrastructure, and individuality no other type of housing can suggest. Here we will discuss the main benefits of this new way of student housing, what distinguishes it from traditional student housing options and coliving options for students in Vilnius.

What is a coliving space?

Coliving is a relatively new and modern form of shared housing, mainly created for students and young professionals. A coliving space usually consists of fully-furnished, modern individual living spaces and common spaces where people can socialize and spend their leisure time. A co-living space balances community and individuality, which is what most young people find attractive. Coliving is perfect for those looking for a place where they can grow and learn alongside like-minded people.

Renting vs. Co-living

Many students coming to study in Vilnius are faced with the same problems – long-term leases, insufficient furnishing and isolation. Co-living solves each of these problems – you may choose a contract for one semester only, the rooms are fully furnished, so you don’t have to spend money on furniture you won’t need after some time. This means that in the long term, students and professionals can save on money on moving costs too. Plus, coliving offers a community, so you won’t ever feel alone there!

Benefits of living in a shared living space

There are many benefits to shared living space, some of which we have already mentioned above. One of the most important drivers to choosing a coliving option is community. From shared leisure spaces to community events, you will never be alone (unless you choose to!). Another benefit is that you’ll have everything you need under one roof, including a co-working space, gaming area, rooftop terrace, in-house gym, laundry facilities, free parking, etc. And most importantly, each resident is housed in a fully-furnished studio with a private kitchenette, bathroom, working space, bed, and fast Wi-Fi.

Co living communities

The epicenter of a co-living space is a community. Coliving spaces in Vilnius help to find friends for newcomers who are just starting to get to know the city. SHED Co-living Vilnius organizes numerous community events, such as movie nights, game nights, themed parties, etc. The space allows you to spend your working or leisure time surrounded by like-minded people. It is where you can get to know each other, learn from each other, and inspire each other to grow. If sometimes you don’t want the company of others, it’s alright! You can retreat into the privacy of your fully-furnished room, where you will have everything you need. 

How to choose a room in a co-living place?

Choosing a room in a co-living space is as easy as it gets. If you open a student housing booking engine, you will see three different season options – fall, spring and summer. Choose the season you want to start your rent and press ‘Search.’ The booking engine will filter all the available options for these dates. After that, you’ll just need to pick a room according to your personal needs. SHED coliving Vilnius offers fully-furnished 19-32 squared meter studios with a private kitchenette and bathroom.

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