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Compact Studio

17,0 sq.m.

“Compact” doesn’t mean “living on a small room with a bunch of cats” anymore! It means exciting beginnings, personal growth and complete freedom to experience the world.

Our Compact studios are created as a safe space for you to recharge and have everything you might need to do just that: a very comfy bed (with mattress 120x200cm), a fully equipped kitchenette, a private bathroom with a shower to work on your vocal skills, and an elegant interior design to ignite your creativity.

Note, that all rooms may have some difference in design, colours and layout. (The room decoration shown in the pictures is not part of the offer.)

Private kitchenette: fridge, microwave, hotplate stove, kitchen hood

Comfy bed (120 x 200 cm)
Private kitchenette: fridge-freezer, microwave, hotplate stove, kitchen hood
Private bathroom: shower, toilet, sink, heater
Computer desk & a chair
Fast Wi-Fi
All-inclusive billing: accommodation fee, utilities, Wi-Fi, gym, etc.
On-site staff & security, CCTV cameras

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Deposit – one month rent. Utilities – 300 PLN/month. Booking fee – 300 PLN/one off.
Starts from
2.065 PLN /month
Early bird promo! Tenancy dates: 01/10/2023 - 17/09/2024
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Starts from
2.100 PLN /month
Tenancy dates: 01/10/2023 - 24/06/2024
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Starts from
2.100 PLN /month
Tenancy dates: 18/02/2024 - 17/09/2024
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Starts from
2.250 PLN /month
Tenancy dates: 1st Semester 01/10/2023 - 11/02/2024 or 2nd Semester 18/02/2024 - 24/06/2024
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You won’t need to plan your route to the closest gym or use the public library anymore, just come down to the ground floor to enjoy the perks of having your new favourite co-working space in Vilnius, your go-to coffee spot or even your favourite cinema (yes, we have that, too!). All under one roof!


The small, simple building in your yard where you keep tools or gardening equipment. Shed means „hut,“ and probably comes from the word shade


Shed is also a verb meaning „to cast off“, like when a snake sheds its skin... You can shed non-physical things, like a bad habit

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