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559 € /month
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Fully Furnished Rooms Jelgavas str. 8/12, Riga, Latvia

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Get familiar with the nominations and awards where SHED Co-living is the best at!

SHED Co-living team worked effortlessly from the idea to buzzing occupancy of happy tenants.
SHED Co-living has been awarded as the Best Student Coliving in the Coliving Awards 2023. Lead Judge during the evaluation round found our project insightful and pointed out that SHED Co-Living is ‘clearly changing the langscape in the Baltics region and has high potential’.
SHED Co-living has gained BREEAM “Excellent” rating for sustainability and health and well-being of our students. BREEAM is used to specify and measure the sustainability performance of buildings, ensuring that projects meet sustainability goals and continue to perform optimally over time.
Baltic Real Estate Leaders and professional jury commission in the BREL Forum awarded SHED Co-living as The Project Of The Year 2023. More than 900 real estate experts in public voting and a professional jury have evaluated the real estate projects in Latvia.
With an impressive pool of applicants, SHED Co-living submission truly stood out during rigorous internal assessment. SHED Co-living was nominated as finalist at Best in Class Awards 2023 in Best Student Housing Property.
Near by Jelgavas str. 8/12, Riga, Latvia

What Our Shed Residents Say

Caroline T.

Resident of SHED Riga

A great place to stay for your first years of study. I am overall really confident with how the administration handled problems, and all of the staff were always welcoming, which I appreciated. Good location too if you study at RSU, as the tram is only 10 minutes away.

Shed Co-living Group general manager
Shed Co-living Group general manager

Adrian Berger

Resident of SHED Riga

I can only thank the SHED Riga team.
Not only was the room booking process and support fantastic, but the team was willing to address my personal situation. The rooms are modern, and the location is well connected to the city, especially as a student.

Shed Co-living Riga administrator
Shed Co-living Riga administrator


Resident of SHED Riga

I believe SHED Co-living is great for students or anyone looking for mid to long term accommodation. The building itself is very new and the studios come fully equipped with amenities at an affordable price (especially taking into account the cost of living in Riga). The accommodation is conveniently located near bus & tram stops.

Shed Co-living Group general manager
Shed Co-living Group general manager


Resident of SHED Riga

For a monthly rent equal to that of a tiny apartment somewhere in the outskirts of the Riga center, you get a very ergonomic, well-equipped room with a private kitchen and WC, in a co-living complex situated in a beautiful green area of the city, with the Old Town peeking right from across the river. The modern and carefully designed spaces include a big-enough gym, as well as many other beautiful common areas.

Shed Co-living Group general manager
Shed Co-living Group general manager

Eko Hunter

Resident of SHED Riga

I have been living in SHED Co-Living for the past few months, and it has been an amazing experience. The staff here is extremely friendly and helpful, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure all of us residents are comfortable and taken care of.

Shed Co-living Group general manager
Shed Co-living Group general manager

Leena Hautamäki

Resident of SHED Riga

I would like to thank you for the very comfortable staying that I have experienced in SHED Co-living! Especially, I really like the peaceful and beautiful environment. That is why I would be interested to live in SHED also after ten months, so I want to prolong the rent time.

Shed Co-living Group general manager
Shed Co-living Group general manager

Ольга B.

Resident of SHED Riga

SHED is a place that I can sincerely call my home. I lived here for almost a year. During this time, I really fell in love with this place and my little nest. It was so cool to be able to decorate my home to my own taste, shop for home trinkets and decorate my space. Access to the gym has become a separate advantage and contribution to my health. The gym is excellently equipped and comfortable to use. The SHED area deserves special praise. It was always nice to go out on the terrace and drink a cup of coffee or spend time with friends enjoying the evening sun. The location of the property is extremely convenient: in a quiet picturesque area, but 15 minutes from the city center and 10 minutes from the shopping center.

Shed Co-living Group general manager
Shed Co-living Group general manager

The Legend

What is SHED Co-living Riga? Actually, we don’t like using cheesy quotes to make us sound more worldly, but this one truly strikes an important chord for us – “Every next level of your life will demand a different you.“

Thus, SHED is a safe space, built for creation. Whether it’s new relationships, new goals, new startup ideas, or even a completely new you – we wanted to create a space that celebrates change.

But don’t get it twisted. SHED is not a tiny hut to hide the stuff you don’t need anymore. SHED is a place that launches you into a new part of your life and helps you shed what’s no longer benefiting your journey. You know, like the 🚀s that shed their parts as they soar into space.

SHED is an invitation to live the life your future self will be proud of, the life surrounded by different cultures and inspiring people from all over the 🌎. Being the only co-living space that actually values self-expression and personal growth means that we not only meet your needs of comfort and security but also provide a modern co-living and co-working space in Riga for new experiences, exciting conversations and countless new activities. All under one sometimes a bit eccentric but never boring roof.

Shed your
old self and
meet the
new you


The small, simple building in your yard where you keep tools or gardening equipment. Shed means „hut,“ and probably comes from the word shade


Shed is also a verb meaning „to cast off“, like when a snake sheds its skin... You can shed non-physical things, like a bad habit

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